My Review of the product E-moneybook


This platform was for me a bit under the radar as I had never heard of e-money book before but it is quite similar and much like other similar websites that deal in flogging PLR type products and this type of niche they are a dime a dozen and quite boring and people tend to steer clear and with good reason I start to cringe when I start reading the sales page start talking about building down lines and free mailers etc.

To be honest I don’t remember when or Why I signed up for the free membership I don’t remember but I was pleasantly surprised when I found the email and finally had a look and got to the free bonus software. Firstly this isn’t your average 100yr old plr software like MS Dos dynamite or Windows vista millionaire 2.0 the type of re seller software you see on other websites and opt in pages.

You have a good selection of relevant software and WP plugins including instant video site a WP plugin that lets you post any YouTube video strait onto your website and it transcribes the audio into text as a blog which according to the creator is the best when comes to seo ranking with google. You also have the option to use any keywords that you choose and swap them out for your own affiliate links which is pretty sweet!

Other than the bonus area there’s not a lot going on and the promotion tools are not the best for what you get in the bonus area it seems like you should get the same quality throughout and it just lacks a bit in this area

You get a heap of other software products in the free membership bonus area created by the same guy Brett Ruteky

which if you know much about internet marketing software he knows his way around a laptop and the instant video site is the first product on the list there is a heap more great ones that will help anyone make money online.

The good thing about Brett is he lets his products do the talking his not about the Hype or the shiny new product he is an internet marketer who creates a solution for a problem in his own business or plugs a whole in the market which is quite refreshing his training and software.

Then you have the option to upgrade your membership for one time price upgrade of $27 I think and if you are happy with the free membership and the products the upgrade is going to x10 for you and you should check it out I would suggest creating a free membership to test out and see if you like before upgrade.

Thanks for reading and as always leave me a comment about how Awesome this experience was or if it sucked please go f lol no please let me know it sucked 🙂

You can get your free membership by clicking here